Balvenie single malt

Many of our photos from the malting floors were taken at Balvenie.

Most of the warehouses at Balvenie are kept traditionally flat and are made of old grey stone.

Balvenie single malt

Balvenie has an own farm, malting floors, local spring, copper-smith, cooperage and all the usual distillery departments.The spirit stills are a bit bigger and there are six of them.This means you can distil at a slow pace and separate the bad tastes in the alcohol better.The distillery has an annual output of 5.6 million litres of alcohol.This output is reached with five wash stills and six spirit stills.

Balvenie single malt

The coopers at Balvenie are also very crucial to the typical flavour of Balvenie.They inspect, repair, rebuild, fill and seal casks all day.Their shape is very round, and they are equipped with a reflux bowl. Balvenie single malt-50Balvenie single malt-23Balvenie single malt-37 The pot still is also very tall, and the lyne arm is falling after the neck.We detected that your browser and/or operating system is not compliant with current credit card security protocols.

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So there are only a handful of bottles on the market with whisky straight from the cask.

Over the last years the Monkey Shoulder blended whisky was developed.

The core range is very large with the 12 years Double Wood as their leading whisky. These whiskies become even better as the sweet and soft tones are complemented with oak and darker flavours like leather or cigars.

There are only few independent bottlings of the Balvenie distillery.

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