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Vejle's pedestrian mall today runs along the same course as some of the earliest paths through town – glass panels set into Torvegade allow pedestrians to see the historical market road a few meters under the current street surface.Highway E45 passes close to downtown Vejle on the Vejle Fjord Bridge.Historically speaking, industry has been very important for the city's development, while today more weight is placed on business and service, as well as high-tech firms. The local rivers provided water power to mills, including the extensive facilities of De Danske Bomuldsspinderier (The Danish Cotton Mills).In the first half of the 20th century, Vejle was something of a behemoth within the Danish textile industry, with some 25% of the city's workers employed in the industry.

Two new shopping centres, Bryggen and Mary's, have also recently opened, offering more shopping and restaurants, etc.The first recorded mention of the town is from 1256, and the first known merchant town privileges were issued by King Valdemar III in 1327. Nicolai Church in downtown Vejle have shown that there were residences in the area as far back as 1100.The king's castle, Castrum Wæthel, was located where Vejle Transit Centre is today.Both empty into Vejle Fjord, which connects Vejle by water through the Little Belt strait to the Baltic Sea, and through the Kattegat and Skagerrak straits to the Atlantic Ocean.Many of Vejle's neighbourhoods began as separate towns or villages that merged with the city as it grew.

Dansk date Hedensted

Vejle Station first opened in 1868, and is today a central station in the Danish train network.However, the station is currently the subject of political debate, due to a desire on the part of some politicians to reduce train travel time between Odense and Århus to one hour.Several natives of Vejle have also made a career in national politics, including current Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (Liberal), the former Minister of the Treasury Troels Lund Poulsen (Liberal), former Minister of Health Torben Lund (Social Democrat), and former Minister of Transportation Flemming Hansen (Conservative). dansk date Hedensted-33dansk date Hedensted-59 Historically speaking, Vejle's development has been guided by the city's central location in the country and its location on Vejle Fjord.Despite the decline in the industry in Denmark, the last cotton mill in Vejle remained open until 1993.

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