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Roos Unstructured Bargaining over an Endogenously Produced Surplus and Fairness Ideals – An Experiment Nr 437 Körner, T. Schnabel Abolishing Public Guarantees in the Absence of Market Discipline Nr 436 Körner, T., O.

Schmidt Supervisory Board Qualification of German Banks - Legal Standards and Survey Evidence Nr 435 Belke, A. Wiedmann Monetary Policy, Stock Prices and Central Banks - Cross-Country Comparisons of Cointegrated VAR Models Nr 434 Hanck, C. Czudaj Nonstationary-Volatility Robust Panel Unit Root Tests and the Great Moderation Nr 433 Bauer, T.

Estimating Earnings Assimilation of Immigrants to Germany – Evidence from a Double Cohort Model Nr 629 Okoampah, S. Westphal Heterogeneity in Marginal Non-Monetary Returns to Higher Education Nr 590 Andor, M., M. Vance Installing Photovoltaics in Germany: A License to Print Money? Spillover Effects of Local Human Capital Stock on Adult Obesity – Evidence from German Neighborhoods Nr 584 Geyer, J., P. Korfhage Indirect Fiscal Effects of Long-term Care Insurance Nr 583 Kind, M. A Meta Analysis of Recent Active Labor Market Program Evaluations Nr 571 Andreella, C., M. Rural Electrification and Domestic Violence in Sub–Saharan Africa Nr 569 Belke, A., D. Osowski Planned Fiscal Consolidations and Growth Forecast Errors - New Panel Evidence on Fiscal Multipliers Nr 568 Duttle, K. Implications of Product Variety and Caloric Needs Nr 565 Oeking, A. Zwick On the Relation between Capital Flows and the Current Account Nr 564 Zwick, L. A Lifecycle Analysis Using Panel Quantile Regression Nr 562 Ibarrarán, P., J. With or Without You - Do Financial Data Help to Forecast Industrial Production?

gratis dating portal Bochum

New Evidence from an Analysis of Football Players’ Earnings Nr 680 Langbein, J., J. Vance Outdoor Cooking Prevalence in Developing Countries and its Implication for Clean Cooking Policies Nr 679 Lenz, L., L. Sievert Accidents Caused by Kerosene Lamps – New Evidence from African Household Data Nr 678 Pfeifer, G., M. Strohmaier Goodbye Smokers’ Corner: Health Effects of School Smoking Bans Nr 677 Jäger, P. Pension Reform and Fertility: Evidence 1870-2010 Nr 676 Frondel, M., M. Sommer Risk Perception of Climate Change: Empirical Evidence for Germany Nr 675 Salm, M. Wübker Causes of Regional Variation in Healthcare Utilization in Germany Nr 674 Thiem, C. Sinning Unawareness and Selective Disclosure: The Effect of School Quality Information on Property Prices Nr 666 Conze, M. Kramm The Different Effect of Consumer Learning on Incentives to Differentiate in Cournot and Bertrand Competition Nr 665 Neumann, U. Regional Migration, Neighbourhood Choice and Local Demographic Change in German Cities Nr 664 Haskamp, U. Cohort Size Effects on Wages, Working Status, and Work Time Nr 628 Peters, J. The Macroeconomics of Radical Uncertainty Nr 591 Kamhöfer, D. Start Me Up – How Fathers’ Unemployment Affects their Sons’ School-to-Work Transitions Nr 582 Bönke, T., M. Lüthen The Dynamics of Earnings in Germany: Evidence from Social Security Records Nr 581 Decker, S. Schmitz Health Shocks and Risk Aversion Nr 580 Dang, R. Zemanek Beyond Balassa and Samuelson – Real Convergence, Capital Flows, and Competitiveness in Greece Nr 576 Moghadam, H. The Nonparametric Approach to Evolutionary Oligopoly Nr 575 Moghadam, H. Price and Non-Price Competition in Oligopoly – An Analysis of Relative Payoff Maximizers Nr 574 Geyer, J. Korfhage Long-Term Care Reform and the Labor Supply of Household Members – Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment Nr 573 Frondel, M., C. Kihm Time Lags in the Pass-Through of Crude-Oil Prices – Big Data Evidence from the German Gasoline Market Nr 572 Card, D., J. Disentangling Two Causes of Biased Probability Judgment – Cognitive Skills and Perception of Randomness Nr 567 Salm, M. Wübker Do Hospitals Respond to Increasing Prices by Supplying Fewer Services? International Liquidity Shocks and Domestic Loan Supply in the Euro Area Nr 563 Samoilova, E. Giovannini State-of-Play in Implementing Macroeconomic Adjustment Programmes in the Euro Area Nr 481 Kluve, J. Schmitz Social Norms and Mothers’ Labor Market Attachment. Stoyanov Tail Parameters of Stable Distributions Using One Million Observations of Real Estate Returns from Five Continents Nr 464 Bensch, G. Roos Intuition and Reasoning in Choosing Ambiguous and Risky Lotteries Nr 439 Orland, A. fitness dating Silkeborg Roos Price-Setting Behavior with Menu Costs – Experimental Evidence Nr 438 Luhan, W. Moghadam Evolutionary Stability in Asymmetric Oligopoly. Stroka Do Elderly Choose Nursing Homes by Quality, Price or Location?

Gratis dating portal Bochum

Peters The Intensive Margin of Technology Adoption - Experimental Evidence on Improved Cooking Stoves in Rural Senegal Nr 493 Bauer, T. Estonia and the European Monetary Union – Are there Benefits from a „Late“ Accession? Information Acquisition and Decisions under Risk and Ambiguity Nr 487 Bergheim, R., J. Historical Amenities as Sources of Exogenous Variation Nr 492 Giesecke, M. Okoampah Inequality of Opportunity in Retirement Age – The Role of Physical Job Demands Nr 491 Carrieri, V. Actuarial Adjustments, Retirement Behaviour and Worker Heterogeneity Nr 489 Baas, T. Orland Economic Beliefs and Party Preference Nr 482 Gros, D., C. Does the Nomination Scheme of the City Manager Matter for Urban Development Policies? Drug Oversupply in Nursing Homes - An Empirical Evaluation of Administrative Data Nr 474 Stroka, M. Spousal Housework Responsibilities in Germany, 1992-2011 Nr 471 Klabunde, A. Stroka Nursing Home Prices and Quality of Care - Evidence from Administrative Data Nr 469 Hentschker, C., A. Mennicken Defining Hospital Markets – An Application to the German Hospital Sector Nr 468 Belke, A., M. Werner Hysteresis Effects in Economics – Different Methods for Describing Economic Path-dependence Nr 467 Belke, A. Did Customers Benefit from the Reorganisation of Customer Management in German Employment Agencies? Does New Health Information Affect Health Behavior? Performance Funding in the German Higher Education System Nr 456 Belau, J. Sinning Locus of Control and Savings Nr 454 Stein, M. Vance Asymmetry – Resurrecting the Roots Nr 450 Klabunde, A. Setzer Exports and Capacity Constraints – A Smooth Transition Regression Model for Six Euro Area Countries Nr 448 Belke, A. Dreger The Transmission of Oil and Food Prices to Consumer Prices – Evidence for the MENA Countries Nr 447 Belke, A. A Level Playing Field – An Optimal Weighting Scheme of Dismissal Protection Characteristics Nr 441 Fischer, M., M. Nilsson Effects of Compulsory Schooling on Mortality – Evidence from Sweden Nr 440 Bergheim, R. The Medium-run Effects of Parental Benefits Nr 480 Andor, M., M. Vance Mitigating Hypothetical Bias – Evidence on the Effects of Correctives from a Large Field Study Nr 479 Görlitz, K. Rzepka Does Regional Training Supply Determine Employees’ Training Participation? The Role of Education and Household Composition for Transitory and Permanent Income Inequality. Monetary Dialogue 2009-2014 – Looking Backward, Looking Forward Nr 476 Garmann, S. Inside the Metrics – An Empirical Comparison of Energy Poverty Indices for Sub-Saharan Countries Nr 463 Rzepka, S. Tamm Local Employer Competition and Training of Workers Nr 462 Ehlert, C. Zwick Uncertainty and Episodes of Extreme Capital Flows in the Euro Area Nr 460 Conze, M. Kramm The Recommendation Effect in the Hotelling Game - A New Result for an Old Model Nr 459 Bünnings, C. Schmitz Analyzing Zero Returns to Education in Germany – Heterogeneous Effects and Skill Formation Nr 445 Frondel, M. Vance Fuel Taxes versus Efficiency Standards – An Instrumental Variable Approach Nr 444 Becker, N., K. Heufer Revealed Notions of Distributive Justice II – Experimental Evidence Nr 443 Becker, N., K. Heufer Revealed Notions of Distributive Justice I – Theory Nr 442 Kind, M. An Experimental Investigation Nr 527 Hentschker, C. Mennicken Selective-referral and Unobserved Patient Heterogeneity – Bias in the Volume-outcome Relationship Nr 526 Dudel, C. A Spatial-temporal Analysis Using Quantile Regression Nr 521 Kihm, A. Vance The Determinants of Equity Transmission Between the New and Used Car Markets – A Hedonic Analysis Nr 520 Belke, A. Böing Sacrifice Ratios for Euro Area Countries – New Evidence on the Costs of Price Stability Nr 519 Frondel, M., K. Zwick Environmental Management Systems – Does Certification Pay? Mergers and Acquisitions in the German Hospital Market – Who are the Targets? Explaining Differentials in Subsidy Levels among Hospital Ownership Types in Germany Nr 516 Pilny, A. Mennicken Does Hospital Reputation Influence the Choice of Hospital? A Smooth Transition Approach Nr 501 Bredtmann, J., C.

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Do Macroeconomic Shocks Affect Intuitive Inflation Forecasting? Korfhage Long-term Care Insurance and Carers’ Labor Supply - A Structural Model Nr 514 Kleibrink, J. – Negative Health Effects from Non-Optimal Employment Nr 513 Olekseyuk, Z. Schürenberg-Frosch Are Armington Elasticities Different across Countries and Sectors? Work and Well-Being of Informal Caregivers in Europe Nr 511 Micheli, M., J. Dekkers Border Effects in House Prices Nr 510 Kunze, L. Altruism Heterogeneity and Quality Competition Among Healthcare Providers Nr 506 Baur, D., J. Czudaj Gold Price Forecasts in a Dynamic Model Averaging Framework – Have the Determinants Changed Over Time? Age at First Birth and Educational Attainment in Indonesia Nr 502 Beckmann, J., T. Czudaj Does Gold Act as a Hedge or a Safe Haven for Stocks? Otten The Effect of Gender Equality on International Soccer Performance Nr 500 Rühl, T. Kolodziej Changes in Morbidity over Time – Evidence from Europe Nr 639 Hahm, S. Kluve Effects of the Bologna Reform on Educational Outcomes – Micro Evidence from Germany Nr 638 Stroka-Wetsch, M., A. Linder Does Competition in the Out-Patient Sector Improve Quality of Medical Care? The Role of Parent-child Communication for the Subsequent Health Behavior of Adolescents Nr 546 Kim, D., T. Hospital Competition with Heterogeneous Patient Groups – Incentives and Regulation Nr 623 Belke, A. Gros Optimal Adjustment Paths in a Monetary Union Nr 622 Belke, A., C. Dubova On the Exposure of the BRIC Countries to Global Economic Shocks Nr 621 Belke, A. Klose Equilibrium Real Interest Rates and Secular Stagnation – An Empirical Analysis for Euro Area Member Countries Nr 620 Hanck, C. Prüser House Prices and Interest Rates – Bayesian Evidence from Germany Nr 619 Grimm, M. Peters Solar Off-Grid Markets in Africa – Recent Dynamics and the Role of Branded Products Nr 618 Kramer, A. Tamm Does Learning Beget Learning Throughout Adulthood? Chih A Bayesian Heterogeneous Coefficients Spatial Autoregressive Panel Data Model of Retail Fuel Price Rivalry Nr 616 Roller, C., M. Linder Informal Care Provision and Work Disability Days Nr 615 Görlitz, K. Tamm Information, Financial Aid and Training Participation – Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment Nr 614 Lumpe, C., C. Meckl Social Status and Public Expectations: Self-Selection of High-Skilled Migrants Nr 613 Belke, A., A. Schmidt “Phantom of the Opera” or “Sex and the City”? - Quasi-experimental Evidence on the Effects of Home Invitation on Mammography Uptake Nr 490 Giesecke, M. Roos How Do Fair Value Measurements of Financial Instruments Affect Investments in Banks? Are Public and Private R&D Investments Complements or Substitutes?

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