Hamm single drum soil compactor

Operators have all-around visability and the controls are user friendly.

The engine is designed for easy access thus allowing lower maintanence costs.

They are equipped with a smooth drum that can easily be converted into a padfoot drum.Adjusted operating unit prices used in the calculation are diesel fuel at $2.80 per gallon, mechanic's wage at $42.50 per hour, and money costs at 5.25 percent. date side Nyborg Modern technology, pleasing design, brilliant performance and a good quantity of comfort are the outstanding characteristics of the innovative compactor series, the Series 3000."The fortunate part of that is the four-ton-and-below units continue to be larger volume sales units in the market."Even though our current customer perception is that we are not in the heavy-iron business, that doesn't mean that we will never be.We are constantly looking at new opportunities to more completely wrap our arms around the market.

Hamm single drum soil compactor

Horizontal forces are transmitted from the drum into the surface, resulting in quieter compaction in fewer passes, with less vibration-related wear on operators and surroundings.Combined with the vibration option in the same drum, the oscillatory soil compaction system provides the machine operator with total control over the type and the degree of compaction used.Hamm has taken its place of prominence in the 84-inch-drum-width market one step further with the 3412 VIO model, com-bining traditional vibration and Hamm Oscillation compaction technologies into a single drum. Hamm single drum soil compactor-5Hamm single drum soil compactor-41 With its "steep-slope" tracked CV550 single-drum roller, Sakai offers a solution for contractors facing the challenge of having to scale slopes while compacting them.Vibratory compaction can be selected for classic compaction situations, and Hamm Oscillation for more demanding applications.

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