Kamenashi kazuya reportedly still dating koizumi kyoko

However, I'm not buying the legitimacy of this story. I bet if the genders were reversed everyone would be calling it gross and saying the guy is a creepy pedo, when it's basically the same situation. Because for me, even if they date, it sounds more like "relationship with no pressure for marriage". I don't know why but to me Kame looks good with a girl his age (or a little younger) that koizumi is too old for him...if it's really true and they like each other then that's how it is...it's not true i hope he finds himself a nice girl (his age or little younger) ^^I I totally forgot: what about Kids!Any grown ass person (man or woman) dating a minor or a barely legal person is gross. And really, Kame not caring just because he's in the age that normally would mean marriage? Poor Kame, Every 2 years or so they dig up this, like there's nothing else... O.o Let's say Kame will marry her someday or just be together with her...is almost 50 years old she can't have kids with Kame.He have already compromised too much for KAT-TUN and his career.

Now that Kamenashi-kun is older and at marriage age, I don't think he cares anymore and wants to do things his way. -TV station stakeholder It is unexpected for a 48 years old to find love let alone falling in love after all.But since Kame is no longer a teen and is now almost 30, I suppose the relationship wouldn't be as scandalous as it was before..long as Kame is happy. danske dating sider Fredensborg Please take note that this is just a rumor (and probably unlikely true) and the Japanese source that JEntnews got it from is not particularly reliable, so please take this with a tablespoon of salt.Kamenashi was previously rumored with Kyoko Koizumi, Aya Omasa, and Anne, among others.Before their team up can be seen in the upcoming movie Joker Game, we’ll get to see them first in a new drama series.

Kamenashi kazuya reportedly still dating koizumi kyoko

It was announced that Kamenashi Kazuya will be starring with Fukada Kyoko in TV Asahi’s Friday night drama “Second Love” starting January 2015.Written by romance drama expert Oizhi Shizuka, Kamenashi and Fukada stars in this scandalous new genre called Kamenashi Kazuya plays the role of Taira Kei, a young man who dreams of being a contemporary dancer while being earnestly in love with an older woman.T_TIf it's true,if they love each other and have been wanting to be together for so much years... He thinks and considers both KAT-TUN and his (theirs) fans.And that's why I think that he resents more Jin's and Koki's actions than the others (even if he understood each situation).he was hardly 17 (but older) when he was rumoured to date her the first time and actually there were just speculations and no real proof of that.

I really hate paparazzis and tabloid magazines, if he wants to date whoever-he-wants-to-date, just let him be.... he can force how much he wants to have JE approval, but he isn't selfish.

I hate that Johnnys can't date, if they're old enough(at least 25 since any younger is even more impossible) they should be allowed to look for love seriously.

The current issue of Shuukan Josei reports that KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi (27) went on a secret overseas trip with a blonde beauty.

They can have a surrogacy arrangement, but I don't know how it's perceived by the public.

So, adoption would be the likely method to parenthood.

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